Cultivating An Attitude of Gratefulness

Woo – it’s been a bit eh? That was an unexpected break of what – three months? What can I say, sometimes the words just don’t come as easily as others. Maple, Baby GHM and I all had a lovely Solstice and Christmas season. The Tomten was fed for another year. I did Yule baskets for friends and family (though, for the future, on the years I have babies I’m not doing ornaments – it’s too much and then I get super stressed about something that is supposed to be fun).

Really, I’ve been trying for blogging once a week (which seems like such an achievable goal in theory…) and in my dream world I have a cache of about fifteen drafts that are just awaiting photos or final editing that I can fix up and publish in about ten minutes but…that hasn’t really happened yet.

I’ll be honest, I’ve been struggling a bit. It’s a little hard to admit that sometimes because I am so blessed and lucky and privileged in what I have (a supportive, incredibly involved husband, a healthy baby, a job that is willing to work with me regarding how much/little I work, a warm house, a car that works, the list goes on and on…) that it feels really ungrateful or insensitive to talk about how/when I struggle because I have so much, and I’m very aware of that. But we all struggle, all of us, every day, in different ways and not talking about it (or minimizing it) doesn’t make it less valid, it just makes it something you don’t talk about.

My struggles aren’t unique by any means, they’re the struggles of parents everywhere (struggling to balance, struggling to find time for my passions, struggling to find time for my art, struggling with being needed 24/7, struggling with feeling financially secure, struggling to not feel burned out).

So what I’m working on for 2015 is to cultivate an attitude of gratefulness. I got this idea from a friend who had a paper on her fridge about cultivating a constant state of prayer. I really like that idea though, for my own beliefs and faith, I’m focusing on gratefulness.

What I am focusing on creating in my life is that when I wake up and vocalize my gratitude for all that I have (see above list) I won’t get as bogged down in what I perceive myself as not having (time, energy, money etc.) Because while I might not have an endless surplus of anything, I have enough, and that’s what I’m choosing to focus on.

In that vein, below are some photos of bounty, of gratitude and of thankfulness.

Honeycrisp apples...about to become apple butter!

Honeycrisp apples…about to become apple butter!

We've been taking this little bundled up baby for walks lately - in her elf coat.

We’ve been taking this little bundled up baby for walks lately – in her elf coat.

Papa love.

Papa love.

elf baby

Another night - another walk.

Another night – another walk.

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


One thought on “Cultivating An Attitude of Gratefulness

  1. Good post! Btw honeycrisp apples were developed by people at the U. right here in the Twin Cities! Aren’t they gorgeous apples?

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