A Halloween Shark

smiling shark

Prior to having a baby I’d never been super into Halloween. I appreciate a great costume as much as the next gal, but I’ve frequently lacked the inspiration/motivation to spend a lot of time creating a killer costume. Usually I’m the gal who is not in costume at the Halloween party who spends most of the night saying she’s came in the costume of a Feminist. (Get it? Because I’m a feminist so I came as myself…a feminist. It’s not very funny and it doesn’t get funnier with each year.) While I appreciate a great costume and the actual history of Halloween, Halloween is also a time of a lot of casual racism (Native American costume anyone?) and a lot of casual sexism (gender disparities in children’s costumes anyone?) that I prefer not to be around. But I spent some time thinking about what I want to teach Baby GHM and I decided that I’d rather teach her to participate in activities (rather than stay at home sulking like her mother sometimes does), but on her own terms, and that I wanted to focus on making a homemade costume rather than buying something. Then I discovered a baby Frido Kahlo costume and got all inspired about making a matching mother/daughter Frido Kahlo costume. (An unthought of bright side to having a daughter is I get to look forward to years of matching mother/daughter feminist costumes. Plus, how cool will it be to teach a child who Frida Kahlo or Delores Huerta or Marie Curie was and their context in history and then dressing up as them for Halloween??) However, my inner procrastinator won out in regards to Halloween (as she almost always does) and it was two days before Halloween and I hadn’t even started making a flower crown for a mini-Frida Kahlo. So I went to Pinterest and discovered this infant shark tutorial costume that I copied exactly and turned out perfectly. side hoodie

front of hoodie 2

front of hoodie

This costume was awesome since it was truly easy to make. It felt really nice to make Baby GHM’s costume as well (though I am buying a sewing machine before next year if I’m going to try to do anything even slightly more complicated for her second Halloween). Fun Fact: The Great White shark was my favorite animal when I was in elementary school and I did my science project on it. Twice. All I used was four squares of felt, white thread and a grey hoodie. If one were to look closely at this hoodie they would notice very uneven, loose stitches (I made it in about twenty minutes the night before Halloween) and uneven cuts of felt. However, no one really noticed this due to Baby GHM’s overwhelming cuteness. How cute you ask? So cute that it was nearly impossible to pick only five photos of her in her shark costume to post on the blog. serious shark smile shark belly side shark Pretty cute, right? My little shark girl. So tiny, so fierce. shark look up Cheers and Love, Maple and Me


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