Haircut – Hair What?

Happy Halloween!

So, I might be needing some help in the ol’ title department pretty soon here. I sat here for a ridiculously long time trying to come up with something clever. Baby GHM has decided to either forgo sleep entirely or to sleep for upwards of nine hours so the sleep schedule over at the ol’ farmstead is pretty off (my brain power going with it). Maple and myself have both been fighting off colds (he finally got rid of his, I’m just now starting to feel mine) and the Halloween party we usually go to was canceled due to the host being sick so it’s looking like a fairly low-key holiday over here. I made Baby GHM her first Halloween costume (which I’ll post on here in the next couple days – girl looks CUTE) and we’ll probably go to a little carnival my work hosts on Saturday.

Halloween hold a special place in my heart since Maple proposed on Halloween two years ago. Not at like a party or anything, just on a walk we took that afternoon. Neither of us are huge into Halloween-y stuff so it’s been funny that that holiday is now one of our anniversaries.

Anyhoo – on to the fashion!

back shot

‘What?’ you say, ‘Anna, are you wearing a skirt with tights and boots and long-sleeved top? What on earth inspired this radical change in your fashion sense? Was it cutting your hair?’

While cutting my hair has definitely caused me to purge a bit more out of my closet (and stylistically I’m definitely drawn to a more minimalist style these days), my style has been so consistently the same that lately I’ve been thinking these fashion posts are probably coming across as mildly redundant. But I was proud of thrifting this skirt (it’s J.Crew!) so here you go.

Skirt and hands

Outfit Details: Shoes – Sorel (bought on clearance) // Tights – Fireweed Boutique // Skirt – J.Crew (thrifted) // Top – Gap (thrifted) // Cardigan – Stitchfix // Earrings – Gift from Sister


The light in Fairbanks is so inconsistent that taking outfit photos outside in the month or two leading up to winter solstice can be really frustrating. My wonderful photographer Jasmine (who has taken photos for the last two Fashion Fridays) took about fifteen pictures and of those fifteen only three were bright enough to post. Oh well, I suppose it just keeps my vanity in check.

So…in a dramatic reveal…here’s my new hair!


I LOVE IT. I feel super strong and sassy. A friend gave me a gift certificate for a local hair salon so I’m going to go have it professionally trimmed up (I seriously want to shave half of it. Or mowawk it.) in the next two weeks (after it grows out/recovers a bit more).

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me

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