Hair Today – Gone Tomorrow

Hello Lovely Readers,

This post is going to the be the last post that features my lovely dreadlocks. By the time this post is up on the webs my dreads will be chopped off and I’m going to either have a faux hawk or a shaved head (depending on how things go).

My dreads have been with me longer than many things in my life (I’ve had them for a little over seven years) but it’s time for a change, time for them to leave my head, time to cut them off. I’m going to do a post about the cutting and styling of my new hair. Restyling white people’s hair that has been dreaded can have very varying results so we’ll see what I end up with.

But onto the fashion! Remember what I said about how I’m wearing a lot of elastic waists? I wasn’t kidding. Leggings, boots, miniskirt and flowy top is my go-to outfit right now – essentially what I wear three days out of four.

look down just me

Let’s talk really quickly about these boots. L.L. Bean makes these boots and even though they’re a little over $100.00 they are worth every penny. I finally broke down and bought them after seeing them on Pinterest for months and months. I’m happy to report that they are super high quality, really warm and have a great traction on slippery snow.


side view coop

As you can see from these photos – we got snow! Though we’ve yet to have a cold snap (it hasn’t dipped much below zero yet) we’ve still got a few good inches on the ground. Unfortunately the daily thaw/freeze has left our yard one big ice rink, so we’re being extra cautious while carrying Baby GHM.

look down at coop

I didn’t crop most of these photos because I thought it would be fun for everyone to see the coops as winter starts to overtake them. We’ve shut off access to the brooder coop (the smaller coop to the right in these photos) and while we’re still letting the ladies out during the day, we herd them in at night to sleep. The cold always affects egg production, for a little while we were down to only 3-4 eggs a day! Luckily we’re back up to our usual 6-7 a day. Way to go ladies.

look off to left

Vest – Patagonia // Scarf – Gift // Top – Mossimo (thrifted) // Skirt – American Apparel // Leggings – Fireweed Boutique // Socks – Wool // Boots – L.L. Bean

And last, a vanity shot of my dreads…goodbye lovely locks, thanks for the great sevenish years!


Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


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