Fashion Friday – Hunter Boots and Miniskirts

slippy slidy

Lets talk about elastic waistlines – since having a baby they’re my new best friend. I have a new little section of my skirt trunk that is just for miniskirts with elastic waistlines. Since the little one was born I’ve been gravitating towards a more minimal look. This is partly for practicality – at some point in the day I get spit up on or spill something on myself (holding a baby really messes with my ability to hold coffee and eighteen bags) and also just a shift in my style that’s occurred in the last year or so.



Three years ago I was in a pretty big Mad Men phase – I was very drawn to super structured styles. High waisted tight skirts, tight dresses (that buttoned/zipped up the back), tights and tight shirts (notice a pattern?) made up a good portion of my wardrobe. It might take you 20 minutes to get dressed and everything tucked into the right place but girl, you looked good.

Now that I’m nursing 8-12 times a day my style, by necessity, has shifted to one of, for lack of a classier phrase, “Easy Access”. Mentally as well, I’m initially drawn to a simpler line of fashion. The company Rag & Bone is my new absolute favorite and I would buy all their things if the prices didn’t start at $350.00 for a t-shirt. Leggings, simple jersey mini-skirts, looser tops: these are the new staples of my New Mama wardrobe.


shake it off

I also have started wearing heels a lot more since having a baby. I’ve found that I’m a lot less self-conscious about the size of my stomach and chest when I’m highlighting/lengthening the line of my body. I’m pretty tall (5’8″) so with a few inches of heel I’m close to six foot. Feeling tall and strong helps me feel pretty bad-ass too, even when I’m trying to clean spit-up off my back or I’ve just realized that the front of my shirt is soaked through (and that’s it’s REALLY REALLY OBVIOUS that it’s from my breasts). Ah, the glamorous joys of motherhood.

That said, I’m obviously not wearing heels in this outfit because…we got snow y’all! Close to 1/2 an inch in fits and starts this week which has fallen and then promptly melted when the sun peeks out. This has left me with several opportunities to wear my lovely Hunter boots…I’ve almost worn them enough to justify buying the red pair as well…

side eye

Outfit Details: Top – Free People (gift from friend) // Earrings (gift from friend) // Skirt – H&M (bought new) //           Leggings (gift from friend) // Socks – Fred Meyer’s (bought on clearance) // Boots – Hunter (bought new)

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


6 thoughts on “Fashion Friday – Hunter Boots and Miniskirts

  1. Hello, gorgeous friend! I love this and your last post with the little lovely one. I’m sending you so many good thoughts and vibes these days. I hope the resurgence of Fashion Friday has been a fun focus of energy! I sure do love being on the receiving end.

    • Thanks lovely Clara – it’s been great for me to mentally get back into blogging more often! I love you so much and love seeing all your fabulous artistic photos!! Phone date soon? I’ll message you! xoxoxo

  2. A quote from Big Bang Theory:

    Amy: Did you know that women wear high heels to make the buttocks and breasts more prominent?

    (Forget the breasts part of the quote and just focus on others focusing on your “buttocks” instead of you stomach!)

    Ah, just joking here. You look good!

  3. Love your Hunter boots! You look very fabulous in them. I have 4 pairs myself, I live in Seattle so therefore i live in my Hunters as well lol. I think a pink or red pair would add a really cute *pop* of color to a fall outfit. Add in a pair of the white welly socks and you have the ultimate rain/winter boots combo!

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