A Succulent Shelf

I’ve been pretty obsessed with succulents lately (for once I seem to have caught the twee bandwagon in time – according to Pinterest, many people are obsessed with succulents). My track record with indoor plants is, to put it nicely, poor, but succulents thrive with little attention/water which means they do very well with me. In the 2-3 year plan we’ll have the garden established enough that I’ll be able to do raised beds of just succulents/flowers (with no purpose besides being lovely to look at) – our current garden being dominated by plants that have practical (read: edible) purposes. However, in the meantime I wanted to make a hanging shelf for succulents indoors so I could keep sweet, beautiful, plants going throughout the winter. Looking online I was mostly inspired by photos such as this and this.

I showed the photos to Maple and, during our weekly date night to Lowes, we grabbed some clearance succulents, dowels, twine and dirt. I used pots that I had found at the Transfer Site roughly a year ago, which had patiently waited for just this use. The end result?

finished shelf

One of Maple’s many, many wonderful qualities is his ability to turn hypothetical projects I might have into a reality. When I showed him the photos on Pinterest he was game to try to make our own.

I’d found these sweet little terra cotta pots at the Transfer Site last August and hung onto them, knowing they’d come in handy pretty soon. Turns out they were perfect for this project! I LOVE it when that happens – it feels like we’re always hauling stuff unused back to the TS, so when we actually use something we’ve been saving – it’s such a great feeling!

lay it out

dowel prep

The project itself was actually pretty simple. We laid out the dowels and the pots on the table to measure how much we’d have to cut off the dowels. The pots were a little wobbly in between the dowels so Maple suggested wrapping yarn around the pot – just below the lip – it worked perfectly!

jigsaw up close

We used a jigsaw to cut the dowels off at the measured length. Then we used our power drill to drill the holes for the dowels (we just changed out the bit so we could drill a larger hole). Maple did one hole as an example and I did the rest. It was a bit like working with a small child, his drilled hole was perfect and smooth, mine were all super blown out, but it was nothing that wood glue couldn’t fix.

action drilling

drill a hole

After drilling all the holes we set the dowels in place with wood glue and left the shelf proper to dry. Then I got to fill all my cute little planters with adorable little succulents. (The photos below (indeed, this whole post) are roughly 2 months old and show – not only the outfit I’ve lived in at home for the last few weeks/months – the chaotic state of our lovely home with the addition of a new baby. The kitchen table is the only large, flat area in the house to work on so everything happens in the kitchen. That little chair hangs out on the table (while Baby GHM watches me cook/plant/fold laundry/write letters/all the things).

action planting

plantingWe then drilled smaller holes at the top of the shelf and hung the shelves with twine. The end result was beautiful! We hung it in one of our main windows where it gets ton of sun and all the plants are super happy! The shelf hangs over the changing table where we store the car seat and every time I put Baby GHM in her car seat to head to work in the morning we take a minute or two to appreciate all our lovely plants.

finished shelf verticalCheers and Love,

Maple and Me


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