Fashion Friday

Let’s talk about boots. I love boots (especially rain boots and tall, brown boots). Since boots are one of the few items from my pre-pregnancy closet that still fit I have had an (even) fonder affection for this closet staple over the last few months.

I’ve loved the look of Hunter boots since the first time I saw them featured on the Beautiful Mess blog but was hesitant to spend so much money on what is obviously a fashion rain boot (at my heart of Alaskan hearts I’m an XtraTuf gal). All my extra spending money is currently going into a nest egg for new tattoos once the Little One is out of my body and I can safely get tattooed again. However, after seeing a few pairs on a few of my lady friends, I knew I was going to break.

fullsizelookoffThe big ‘thing’ about Hunter rain boots is that they come in tons of colors – magenta, yellow, turquoise etc. So with all those options, why did I go with black? Well, part of it is that I just really liked how the black ones looked, and of course we all know how black goes with everything. Truthfully though, I had it narrowed down to black or red and I decided to just go with black because my experience with fashion rain boots is that they tend to mark up pretty easy. However, after getting the black the red boots are still calling my name with their siren song…maybe I’ll have to get two pairs of boots, we’ll see.


fullviewsidelookFairbanks has been hit with freezing rain (for the third time this winter!) and it’s crazy to me to be able to take photos (with bare arms no less) outside, at the end of January. Usually it’s -20 to -35 this time of year! I was almost happy for the balmy weather because it allowed me to take my new rain boots out for a spin months earlier than anticipated. Unfortunately, all the ice covered snow acts as a giant luge and even though the boots have pretty good traction, it wasn’t good enough to feel totally safe. As my belly continues to grow (and grow, and grow) I’ve become ever more aware of falling so I took the boots off after these photos and wore my beat up Xtratufs all day.

owlshirtbentAbout a year ago I found a veritable treasure trove of fashion at the Transfer Site: at least five killer shirts, some pants and skirts, all about four sizes too big for me. Then (as now) I lacked a sewing machine but I was still loath to give up such obvious goodies. Ever the planner I figured I could try them when pregnant and threw them into my maternity clothes duffel bag down in the shed. To my great joy many of the clothes have indeed fit me as my belly has expanded (some of them didn’t, with almost comic results) so I’ve been able to keep feeling (relatively) sassy. This owl shirt is my favorite – who doesn’t love a lavender shirt covered in owls?

bellysideshotAs I ease into my third trimester I’m definitely noticing that the Little One sharing my body is taking up more and more room. I’m eating constantly, but smaller portions, otherwise my stomach gets so tight it’s ridiculous. I’m super clumsy and perpetually smacking my belly against anything belly-height. And the smallest activity makes me crazy sore. On the bright side my skin is amazing (probably due partially to the gallon of water I’m drinking every day). Most of my hair is dreaded but the part that isn’t is growing about twice as fast as usual. Women in my family tend to go grey pretty early (my mom started before she was 30) so I’m not surprised to find more and more grey hair in these photos.

Look at my skin! My skin does not usually look like this!

Look at my skin! My skin does not usually look like this!

We go grey early in my family...

We go grey early in my family…

I don’t know how the ladies on ‘A Beautiful Mess’ did it, Maple took about ten photos of the boots and the Hunter label was blurry on every one. This was the best of the ones he did take, so you can see how pretty the black gloss is up close.

hunterbootsHunter Rain Boots – Bought New // Stripe Socks – Urban Outfitters (years ago) // Leggings – Fireweed Consignment Boutique // Skirt – Transfer Site // Owl Shirt – Transfer Site // Vest – Marmot // Tank Top – H&M Maternity // Necklace – J.Schlo Jewelry // Earrings – Unknown

This new camera is amazing – I’m so glad that we splurged on it. Maple is teaching me about editing photos in Photoshop and it’s amazing how much sharper and more professional these photos look and feel (except for the damn Hunter boots label, hee hee).

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


4 thoughts on “Fashion Friday

    • That is my reaction every morning to my reflection in the mirror.

      Thanks for the compliment – I actually just looked at some ol’ Arrogantly Shabby posts for pregnancy inspiration! 🙂

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