Summer 2014!

After reading this wonderful post from Radical Farmwives I’ve been thinking about last summer; what successes we had, what no-so-successes.


The birds! We went from no chickens (or anywhere to put chickens) to a fully completed, winterized chicken coop, two completely enclosed chicken runs (one for meat birds, one for laying hens) and a brooder house. We also built a separate pen for ducks, quail, turkeys etc.

We finally finished the outside of the Trapshed. This was a project that was roughly a year and a half in the making but now it’s finally a solo little hut on the far side of the property. Only thing remaining is to actually make the inside of it an actually usable space (we still have to hang shelves, organize everything etc.) and to install a tiny wood stove so it can be separately heated.

We are eating all local meat and eggs. Maple limited out at Chitina (which is 30 salmon for the family), we raised and slaughtered chicken and ducks and Maple got a moose in the late fall. We haven’t bought meat or eggs at the supermarket since October and that feels really good.

We finally fenced in the garden and bought water tanks so that we can (semi) easily water the garden and the chickens.


Last summer wasn’t always very fun. While I know that sometimes you just have to put your nose to the grindstone and power through, it often felt last summer like we always had to power through, every day. It got pretty lame in late July when all I really wanted to do was to pick berries but I didn’t feel like I had time in the midst of all these construction projects/to-do lists. I really want to work on adjusting my attitude for this coming summer and focus on only having 4-5 projects that must happen (hey, driveway!) and then relax about the other 25. Time with Maple in our home that is gradually being built is just always going to consist of 40-50 projects and lists existing simultaneously and I need to learn to relax and be patient with all of them.

I’ll be posting a Summer 2014 project/goal list on here in the next couple weeks.

Goal #1 is to have a happy and healthy baby this Spring and re-learn life with the little one in Summer 2014. Then the driveway. After that, it’s all gravy…

What are your goals for Summer 2014?

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


4 thoughts on “Summer 2014!

    • AHH – I think all goal lists for all young homesteaders make our jaws clench like crazy! Soon Brickhouse Iyoukeen will get to play with the Giant Babe Gagne-Hawes Maple.

  1. Goal: This year I will learn how to run far distances without pain
    Goal: This year I will attempt to effectively balance work life with personal life
    Goal: I will cook one thing a week.
    Goal: I will write more.

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