Fashion Friday

Well, my fashion posts for 2014 are off to a great start – I’ve already met my monthly quota!



This outfit, or a slight variation of this outfit, is what I wear most weekends. There are errands to run, wood to buck, split and stack, chores to do and Garagehomes to clean – my Anthro dresses don’t cut it.

I’ve taken to wearing Maple’s shirts lately – they fit whilst simultaneously matching my rugged, lumberjack weekend look.



We were very fortunate in that Maple got a moose this year. Maple saved three of the four feet and they’ve been hanging out in our woodshed for the last month or so. Macabre decorations are just about Maple and my’s favorite thing.

In other news, my belly continues to grow, though I’m having to cut back on how much wood I’m actually hauling around right now. This little one is very active already – luckily I’ll have quite the list of chores built up for him/her by the time that he/she is able to walk.




The prep for our driveway has continued steadily – on New Year’s day we had my brother and another good friend over to help with wood. With the four of us (honestly I count as almost half a person right now with what I’m able to comfortably (and safely) lift) we managed to cut down four trees, cut them into rounds and haul the rounds into a massive pile in front of the wood sheds. Last Saturday, while I went out to brunch and a movie with some lady friends Maple split and stacked all the wood you see behind me in these photos (roughly a cord and a half). Needless to say I was very impressed.

On the day I wore this outfit we cut down another tree, cut it into rounds and hauled the rounds down the driveway again – the enormous (and constant) pile of rounds is definitely providing me with a consistent place to pose.


Boots – Steger Mukluks (bought new) // Long Johns – Smartwool (bought new) // Jeans – AE (gift from friend //    Plaid Shirt – Unknown // Vest – North Face

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


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