A Beehive Bun and Lots of Snow

“Doth mine eyes deceive me??” you say, “An outfit post?!? But it’s been months…”




Yes it has! About six months actually, but I’m back with a (l’il bit) of a vengeance! Maple and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary in early December and I got all dolled up for our dinner out. Spending more than 20 minutes on my appearance was a bit refreshing because, dear readers, I looked good. It was a much needed and well timed break from feeling a bit schlubby all the time.

So here we go! This week I start my seventh month with this little one (who is punching/kicking me quite a bit now (but most especially when I eat sugar or drink a little bit of caffeine, oh little one, you are already so very much mine.))



I’ve started a Pinterest board for maternity fashion to help inspire me along these last few month. I’ll probably be sharing some of my favorite outfits here as well. Skinny maternity jeans rock my socks. Ditto the leggings/miniskirts/boots combo, as evidenced strongly in this outfit, worn to celebrate my lovely Mina’s birthday.



This new camera that Maple and myself bought ourselves is rocking my world – all our photos look so crisp and clean! Photographing in natural light in Fairbanks in November through March is pretty tough – we get an average of 4-6 dim daylight a day. These photos were taken at about 1 PM when the light was the brightest – and they still look a little dim.





Boots – Steger Mukluks (bought from a friend) // Socks – gift // Tights – Smartwool (bought new) // Skirt – H&M (bought new) // Shirt – Vince (gift from Sister) // Sweater – J.Crew (gift from Sister) // Earrings – J.Schlo (gift) // Necklace – My mother’s from the 60’s

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


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