Hello 2014!

Hello, 2014!

All of us over here at Maple and Me said goodbye to 2013 having a bonfire in our driveway. (The major project for Summer 2014 is to build a completely new driveway. To that effect we’ve been cutting down and clearing trees in preparation for dirt work in June/July. This has the added benefit in providing us with wood for (hopefully) the next two years and plenty of brush and scrap wood for bonfires!)


We invited a few people over, made s’mores, drank beer and sparkling cider. We talked and chatted as babies slept in chairs next to the fire, dogs wandered around, tours were taken to look at the chickens in their cozy little coop and, around midnight , several of our neighbors set off fireworks, alerting us all to the fact that the New Year was here.

The evening was lovely; low-key and fun. I saw 1 AM for the first time in several months (which was pretty exciting all by itself).

When I was younger I usually made almost a dozen New Year’s resolutions. As I’ve gotten older I’ve tended to make fewer, finding that my success rate usually went up when my resolutions were reasonable and achievable (I never did manage to save that $700 for a video camera when I was 13 years old). My resolutions have also shifted in the last few years away from projects to do (my endless lists for Fall projects, Summer projects, Winter projects serve that purpose quite nicely) and settled into personal habits to create/mental shifts to cultivate.

I made three resolutions this year. One is a two-pronged resolution. I’ve put a lot of thought into having a baby and still maintaining both a sense of independent self and my relationship to theatre. To that effect my first resolution was to actively work on getting better at delegation for theatre while also becoming more comfortable with not being in control of/in charge of everything. This is probably going to take more than a year (the next decade seems like a reasonable time frame) but I would like to get some groundwork in place, mentally, before the little one arrives.

My second resolution was to stop biting my nails (this resolution has been a perennial favorite since I learned what New Year’s resolutions were when I was 9). I managed to stop for about a month and a half earlier in 2013 so I know what works now. Mainly it involves painting my nails weekly so that I can’t bite them. 2014 will be the year this sticks!

My third resolution was to do (at a minimum) two monthly fashion posts on the ol’ bloggins. Part of this is for fun; I enjoy creating outfits and I feel better when I put effort into how I look. The other part of this plays back into my first resolution. Having a baby will change everything – I know this. But I really don’t want to lose myself, or my sense of independent self after having a baby. Having a monthly goal of two outfit posts a month seems to me a fun way to consistently remind myself, on the surface, that my body and my appearance is not only that of a mother, but also that of a woman who takes time and pride in her outer self.

1528678_826977289362_1533942186_nCheers and Love,

Maple and Me


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