Yule Baskets and Christmas Eve

And a Merry Christmas Eve to you!

Maple and I will be making a fire, leaving a bowl of porridge for our tomte and preparing everything food-wise and gift-wise to take out to the Homestead for Christmas Day. We’ve spent the week delivering our Yule baskets to friends and neighbors, wrapping gifts and preparing (read: cleaning) the house for when my mothers get here on December 26.

About eight months ago Maple gave me a stamp kit for a random present (I’d seen it on the blog ‘Hello Friend: You are Loved). This holiday was the first time I’ve really gotten into the ol’ stamping mode and I love it. I made the sweetest label tags and got excited about a bunch of other words stampings I want to do. (I also got excited thinking about teaching kids about their letters using a stamping kit.)

Inspired by (where else?) Pinterest, I used spruce branches, grey yarn and brown paper to wrap all my gifts this year – and I was really pleased with how everything turned out.








Yule baskets!

Yule baskets!


One of the Yule baskets- up close.

One of the Yule baskets- up close.

Enjoy this lovely Eve (if you celebrate Christmas) and this quiet, dark evening (if you don’t celebrate Christmas).

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


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