Since I met Maple I’ve started a couple annual traditions that usually fall around Solstice/New Year’s time. One of these goals is to write myself a letter each year (to be read at a later date). I got this idea from Mina over at Bunchberry Farms and, though I invariably lose the letters, I’m always happy to find them again and see what I was thinking three or more years ago.

Another thought I’ve been kicking around is the idea behind all the homemade aspects of Solstice/Yule and how much I want my holidays to reflect what I think of as those core values (care, thoughts, time etc.). Growing up our holidays were pretty handmade and I would like to extend that to my family as well. To me this means attempting to make gifts more than buying them, remembering that food is a gift (and one of the best gifts!) and to gently push oneself to experiment with crafts – even if they might not turn out how you originally envisioned.

Which is a perfect segue way to the stockings that I made the Garagehome.

I saw this photo on Pinterest and instantly fell in love – I mean, who doesn’t love burlap? And the sweet reindeer lace on top? Too cute!

9cafca8adbf325b9b3a637eb007299a6Turns out, burlap is really hard to sew together (one must line it with fabric and sew that together.) I found this out after hand sewing for an hour, easily tearing apart what I had just sewn and then, and only then, googling ‘how to sew burlap’. (It needs to be noted that sewing burlap was still easier than finding sweet lace with reindeer on it in Fairbanks, Alaska.)

I ended up buying way more burlap than was necessary (if you’re in the Fairbanks area and you need a couple yards of burlap send me a message) and red ribbon to embroider. I used white thread we already had, Mina’s sewing machine and green lined fabric that Mina had around her house to line the stockings.

The gear.

The gear.

Stockings are easy enough that even I, new to the crafty world, did not need instructions (once the mystery of burlap was unveiled). I free drew one foot, used that to trace the other foot, traced it out again on the green fabric for backing and sewed that together using Mina’s old trusty sewing machine (I have got to get a sewing machine). I then hand embroidered my and Maple’s initials on the red ribbon and hand sewed that to the top of the stocking. For the stocking I made for the little one I embroidered the word ‘Barn’, the Swedish word for ‘Child’. When the baby is older he/she can decide what name/nickname they want on their stocking.


Held together with love (and straight pins).

Held together with love (and straight pins).

Though the end result was a little less polished (and definitely more uneven) than the stockings of the Pinterest photo, I was pretty happy with the end result. I like that they’re huge (though I’m not sure they will ever be full-to-overflowing on Christmas eve) and that the burlap looks kinda rough and homey.

(Side Note: Maple and I bought a new-to-us camera from a buddy who was selling it for an amazing price. I’ve been wanting a nice camera for the blog for about 9 months now so I’ve been pretty excited to take photos (and start to learn how to use an actual camera). Get ready for some photos with a lot more clarity and focus. For example, these photos of the finished stockings.)





Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


3 thoughts on “Stockings!

  1. No, these are amazing! I love them! What lovely work, and the embroidery looks beautiful! I’m woefully negligent this year in gifty everything for everyone. I’m afraid all my energy and good cheer was spent at the theater creating our holiday spectacular!! Miss you, Ani!

    • I miss you too Sweet Clara!! Thanks for the sweet words on the stockings! Don’t worry, you have enough crafty energy stored up to take 2-3 years off making anything! xoxo anna

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