Thankful Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

This last year has flown by so incredibly quickly. I reread my Thankful Thursday post from last year yesterday and was amazed by how much has happened in the last year, how much has grown and how much there truly is to be thankful for again and again and again.

I’m thankful for my partner in life, my husband Maple, everyday, all day. I could not ask for a better human to grow and laugh with, learn from and just love.

I’m thankful for my belly, growing every day with a little life in it that I can’t wait to meet in a few months.

I’m thankful for my brother being in the same town as me, constantly inspiring and pushing me to create and challenge myself.

I’m thankful for my wonderful family, in all it’s immediate and extended forms, for their unconditional love and support, always and regardless.

I’m thankful for friends (their own kind of family) who have supported me unconditionally through all the madness and celebrations and ups and downs and laughter and projects and life changes of the last year.

I’m a very lucky woman who is so, so blessed. Thank you all.

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me

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