Cooking Weekly – Baked Beans!

To be fair this dinner happened about three weeks ago but dammit – we cooked and we’re going to get credit for it!

For dinner tonight (or a few weeks ago): Tart and Tangy Baked Beans from the Moosewood Cookbook.

1441355_816439033112_130028989_nThis was a recipe of mixed results; I really liked it, Maple not so much. To be fair, I was primarily drawn to this recipe due to the adorable photo at the top of the page. I have many fond memories of baked beans (baked beans being one of the major food staples of my youth). My mother makes a delicious version of baked beans that has gone to many a potluck with the hot pan wrapped in an old tablecloth. This recipe (we realized in an ‘AHA!’ moment after consumption) was vegan. Though I have several friends who really enjoy eating vegan I’ve never really connected to it – I always feel like something is missing in the food I’m eating.

1450795_816439038102_170083299_nThis version turned out far different than the smoky, rich beans of my childhood. If anything they were kind of sweet (owing to the apples in them) and light in flavor and consistency. If I could do the recipe over I would have cut both the tomatoes and apples into much smaller pieces.

Lots of delicious garlic and onions...

Lots of delicious garlic and onions…

Apples and tomatoes.

Apples and tomatoes.

Simmer away!

Simmer away!

Remember in my last cooking post I talked about how I was on a steep curve o’ cooking knowledge? This recipe taught me how long beans took to cook. I didn’t know that, even after soaking them for four hours, they still to cook for three (or two?) hours and if you don’t start soaking your beans until 3 PM you aren’t going to eat til close to 11 PM. Say it with me – “Learning Curve!” Now I know.

Maple had one helping of these beans and pronounced himself done. I ate through three days of lunches before I too, had to admit that the beans had beaten me. (This recipe makes a LOT of beans.) The chickens got the remaining helping of beans and thanked us by laying lots of eggs, so everyone was happy.

1453214_816439142892_1563137249_nCheers and Love,

Maple and Me


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