Fashionable Whilst Pregnant – An Achievable Goal…Right?

As of today I’ve just entered the sixth month of my pregnancy. I was super sick for the first three and a half months but I would still consider everything so far to be a pretty easy and low-key pregnancy. (Fun Fact: Everyone waits until you actually get pregnant to start telling you the horror stories. “I knew a woman whose entire body broke out in hives!”, “I knew a woman who stopped being able to feel her feet!”, “I knew a woman who threw up so much she became dehydrated and had to go to the hospital!”)

I haven’t even gained that much weight yet but man, looking in the mirror every day it’s sure hard for me to believe that that is me looking back. Personally, the hardest initial part of pregnancy has been adjusting to the difference in how my body looks/feels (and I keep re-writing that sentence because it feels a little trite/asinine to even write that). I mean, I knew I would be more tired, I knew I would be nauseous and that my body would have new aches and pains and marks. But I know what nausea feels like, I know what fatigue feels like and I know how to get myself through aches and pains. Though I knew in theory that my body would change, I didn’t know how it would change until it actually started changing and my adjustments to my new look and shape happen on a daily basis in real time.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my pregnant belly. I think it’s actually pretty cute. But when I unexpectedly see myself in photos, or store windows or mirrors my first thought is not, “Look at my beautiful pregnant self!” but instead, “Who is that? She looks familiar…”

Then there’s the fashion. As my mother has frequently reminded me over the last few months I am fortunate to live in a time when women have the option for stylish, inexpensive maternity clothes (Hey H&M!) that are made of some fabric “that isn’t a %&#@ing smock.” However, putting my body into clothes has, for the first time since middle school, become an odious daily prospect.

Inspiration has been a little hard to come by as well. Pregnancy fashion on Pinterest seems to favor heavily the maxi skirt/dress fashion (of which I’ve never been particularly drawn to) and the fashion industry seems to think that most pregnant women wake up every morning eager to squeeze into something slinky like this while everyone knows that most days you just want to wear this. And while I know that some women love wearing heels, there seems to be this trend that totally bewilders me of, “Ladies, are you feeling like your center of gravity is off due to the ever increasing size of your belly? Simply put on these four inch heels and you’ll feel so much more sexy and comfortable!”

Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion. I love how a good outfit can change your whole day. Especially as I’ve developed a style that I’m comfortable in and works for me, fashion is sometimes the motivating factor to get me out of the bed. A good style gives me a little edge and makes me feel pretty fabulous. Over the last few months what I’ve run into is that I haven’t felt hot or fit or sassy in a long time; mostly I just feel tired and sore. And I feel that my fashion of late (featuring many prominent elastic waistbands) has reflected that.

This is all to say that I miss doing fashion posts and I’m going to start doing them again as soon I find a l’il inspiration (a newly thrifted dress from ‘Rag and Bone’ could well provide this!)

Anyone have any good books/magazine/articles they found inspiring when they were expecting?

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me

7 thoughts on “Fashionable Whilst Pregnant – An Achievable Goal…Right?

    • Thanks Trista! Last week I finally, grudgingly, gave up on my last pair of non-maternity pants. However, I have found my new love in leggings – until breathing out rolls the fabric down.

  1. Hmmm…I haven’t been pregnant yet so take this with a grain of salt… But I wear leggings ALL the time. The key for you would be getting good leggings that accommodate your belly. I know that Walmart has some inexpensive leggings that seem like they would be comfy on a pregnant belly…they don’t ride too low. I usually find them wandering up past my belly button. Once you have the leggings, you just need to wear lots of empire waist dresses! I have had great luck finding thrift store dresses.

  2. There is this Indian mother in my class who is pregnant and she is GORGEOUS. She’s like this Madonna just sitting there serenely in these beautiful maxi dresses (and heels). Meanwhile I’m not pregnant, trying to look good, and just look pathetic next to her. I try to attribute this to the fact that I’m taking care of fourteen children and she has two nannies, a driver, and lots of maids to take care of her–but I still come off feeling like a shlub anytime I’m even close to her.

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