Weekly Wednesday!

The ol’ blogging has slowed down a little over here at Maple and Me. Not that I don’t have posts in mind (my current backlog is close to five) it’s that my energy level is currently at about a fifth of what it usually is. Factor in that I need to sleep for at least 9-10 hours a day currently and the blogging takes a slight backseat to the paid work that I’m in for the other 8-9 hours of the day (I know that doesn’t add up to 24, I spend the rest of that time eating).

A total dearth of energy while being pregnant was something that I never really believed was real prior to being pregnant. I’d always perkily assumed it would be about 2-3 weeks of laying on the couch, tops, wherein I could catch up on all my trashy reality television before I’d be back in fighting shape. I’d spend the next 8 months acting, rehearsing, producing shows, chopping wood, remodeling the house, cooking, oh, and I’d probably take up knitting, just because, and knit the wee one all kinds of adorable little things. Currently I’m about halfway through my fifth month and I still feel like I have yet to rest enough (or eat enough).

The forced rest is good for me in a lot of ways. As a personality the one thing I have never lacked for is energy and drive. I have always thrived on doing multiple projects, creating something from nothing, and going from 7 AM – 1 AM fueled solely by coffee and the desire to push myself. I love late nights, quiet spaces and the creativity I feel at 3 AM. As of this writing I haven’t seen 3 AM for quite a while. The few rehearsals I’ve done (mostly for improv comedy) have been punctuated by frequent ‘sit down and rest periods’ and I have promptly crawled home and into bed.

I am working on not getting frustrated at what I perceive to be my total lack of energy. I’m working on reminding myself daily that my body is growing a little human who needs food, rest, nourishment and, most of all, a stress-free body to thrive in. I’m also reminding myself that this tiredness now is just a precursor for many sleep deprived nights that are in my not-so-distant future. Soon I’ll look back on these ten hours of sleep as the next best thing to almond-toffee-chocolate.

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


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