Forwarded to me from the lovely Jasmine of ‘Bunchberry Farms’…I love the ideas and concepts behind this whole blog post – it’s very apropos for me, Maple and our expanding family and farmstead. “It has always bothered me to see how some parents chase their children away from productive jobs. I have seen it many times, and while I understand the impulse, I have little empathy for the shortsightedness of it, because the truth is that long before they are capable of truly helping, kids desperately want to contribute.”

3 thoughts on “Needed

  1. So true. Children learn what they live. They learn good things and they also learn things they will do differently with their own children. My mom pushed me away when she was cooking……lesson learned……. My kids sat on the kitchen table in an infant seat as I shared with them everything I was doing in the kitchen. When they were toddlers, there miniature kitchen was in my kitchen and the journey continued. Magnetic letters and numbers on the frig gave endless opportunities to combine cooking with vocabulary, spelling, math and science lessons. Of course, the history teacher included the stories behind the food, food preservation, hearth cooking………. Collin was cooking for his friends in 1st grade—he was blessed with a teacher who had cooking days once a month to teach math and they quickly became soul mates. Collin’s “Johnny Appleseed” pie was the main dessert for our neighborhood block parties when he was in elementary school. In middle school, he invited several of the ladies from church to come to dinner. He prepared and served everything to show his love and appreciation for the ladies who were so important to him……wonderful lesson on identification of “love language”. Now his girl friend is in vet school. She laughs when Collin tells her she can’t live on “sink spaghetti” and peanut butter. She cooks spaghetti, dumps it in the sink and eats it. The sink is spotless, but not much nutrition. So, Collin’s showing others he loves them through food continues. My mom would not understand the role reversal, but I smile.

    Life is a journey to be shared with your children. I cannot wait to see the posts of both of you with your new little one. I’m calling dibbs to be 1st KY baby sitter, along with grand paw Mike. In KY, I have seniority with Justin!

    Love to you both!


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