A Portland Mini-Moon!

And what a time we had!

Portland was a blast, the weather was beautiful, we ate a lot, we shopped a lot and just generally relaxed a whole bunch. After the super busy few months it felt so good to sleep in, only to wake up and do what we felt like. I didn’t even end up taking too many pictures. Luckily, I spent a good portion of the trip with a whole bunch of amazing photographers who took fabulously gorgeous photos every step of the way. (You can view photos of the trip by viewing Kurt or Brian’s Flickr accounts).

The Oregon Mini-Moon began when Maple and myself made plans to go to Oregon to meet up with friends from Kentucky for a couple adventures and then drive off on our own for the last few days. Seeing Kentucky friends (including Johanna from Whirly Bird!) was wonderful – a huge highlight of the trip was throwing balsa wood gliders off the Astoria Tower – and it was great to explore a bunch of new places with good friends.

The creepiest place the group managed to find was also in Astoria. Near the local Safeway an individual had apparently built a little village for cats. There were about six little houses built and empty cans of cat food everywhere. Though I’m sure the place was quaint in conception by the sweet individual who wanted to feed cats, in reality it was super creepy (perhaps the little houses were what pushed it over). One also had to go through a foot or so of bushes to get to Creepy Cat Camp. Johanna and I quickly documented and then left before we were attacked by cats from a horror film.


Maple and I usually travel on some semblance of a budget, but this years budget was a little tighter than past trips (roughly $90/day). While being on a budget can take a little bit of the spontaneity out of the trip, it often allows other, different adventures to come through that you wouldn’t always find if you weren’t concerned with staying on budget (Spoiler Alert: There was a $5.00 ferry ride ahead that was particularly cool.)

Maple and I eat out of the supermarket a lot when we travel. A baguette, cheese and some sliced meat was our lunch (and afternoon snack) most days. We would find a supermarket, stock up, and then find a river or nice view somewhere along the Oregon coast to sit and munch.

Maple with food at our lunchtime stream.

Maple with food at our lunchtime stream.


Eating spot.

Eating spot.

The overall highlight of the trip for Maple was when we saw a sign for a $5.00 ferry. The ferry turned out to be a 12 car ferry that goes back and forth from Oregon to Washington across the Columbia river. The ferry ride was about twenty minutes of the best fun Maple could ask for. The sun was setting as we crossed the river and it was beautiful.

Ferry sign.

Ferry sign.

Getting on the ferry.

Getting on the ferry.


Happy Maple.

Happy Maple.

Off we go!

Off the ferry we go!

Traveling with Maple is always a blast – all in all I couldn’t have asked for a better Mini-Moon!

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


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