Catch-Up for a Brief Second

Whoo…Hey All!

It’s been a bit of a bit without posting. While I’m sure everyone has been going crazy with the cliffhanger of – WHAT ON EARTH HAS ANNA BEEN DOING??? – I’m afraid the answer is a fairly mundane, “Keeping up with a suddenly super busy life because snow hasn’t fallen yet so we can still do eighty thousand last minute tying up of loose ends.” Maple and I have been putting in some serious time getting the land, sheds, gardens and chickens all prepared and ready for winter.

We took our 1970’s Starcraft Pop-Up Trailer that was going to require some serious time/money/energy to rehabilitate and hacked off the top of the entire trailer, leaving only the base of the platform. Maple had the brilliant idea to reconstruct the rarely used Pop-Up Trailer into our trailer for the snow machine and the atv (which will save us the cost of buying one used (roughly $1500.00)). Sadly, Maple did all the demolition work while I was at a rehearsal and thus, no photos survive of this awesome endeavor (though I will post ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos once I take the ‘After’ photo.

I got to take a work trip in Newport Beach, Rhode Island for a conference on Adirondack (our campus housing software) which was gorgeous, fun and during which I learned an incredible amount. A few photos to follow…

View from the Hotel.

View from the Hotel.


Alex, look what I found!

Alex, look what I found!

Devotees will remember that one of my besties, Ms. Clara Marie has relocated to Rhode Island. Seeing as how Rhode Island is a tiny state we were able to meet up for a luscious six hour dinner/tea date that was a rejuvenation that we both needed. After dinner we went to pick up her partner (who is getting his MFA in sculpture). Poking around his studio was amazing  and afterwords he took me on a tour of the other buildings. The signs around the jewelry/welding building cracked me up. This one found in the stairwell was my particular favorite:

1381971_812701263632_250425990_nAs soon as I was back from that trip Maple and myself absconded to Portland, Oregon for our Mini-Moon (my clever nickname for our not-quite-honeymoon). Our actual honeymoon (I’m not sure what one calls it when it’s been delayed roughly two years) is going to be going to Norway, which requires pinching pennies beyond the two months we gave ourselves. But a couple of mileage tickets and some wonderful friends already there = the best Mini-Moon ever! Maple and myself had a blast and I’ll be posting photos later this week.

Other than that everything is clicking along up here. The chickens are large, warm and happy. The air is growing colder (but no snow yet!) and we’re all settling down into the sleepy, hopefully calmer attitude of winter.

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


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