Weekly Wednesday!

Wednesday already you say? It’s the busiest time of year at my work and things are crazy busy!

Maple and myself put out a bunch of burbot sets with our friends Amanda and Brady over the weekend, and got to check them two days in a row (a treat reserved for three day weekends due to the fact that our burbot spot is about an hour and a half out of town). Amanda and Brady had never been Burbot fishing before but, being the awesome people they are, are always down for fishing for anything.

The Tanana river is always so beautiful in the mornings; cold, muddy, silty beautiful.


Burbot sets.

Burbot sets.

Bivouacking out to Burbot.

Bivouacking out to Burbot.

Tanana River Silt.

Tanana River Silt.

1006058_807829855972_713793681_nThis time around we caught a monster burbot – probably one of the biggest ones we’ve ever caught. A good thing too, the first day we pulled lines we only got one fish (and a pretty small one at that). Burbot fishing was starting to feel a bit like a scam to me and Justin (“No guys, come out with us! We’ll catch a ton of fish! Um…”), right before we pulled in the huge fish on the last line on the last day.

1239415_10152248619551917_501446963_nThe way back from Burbot is muddy, swampy and brilliantly colored this time of year. With the beginning of September all the leaves and grasses and trees are different shades of red, yellow and orange. Fall is so short in Fairbanks but is always absolutely beautiful.

1238784_807829980722_1326876734_n603077_807829935812_804693983_nAside from the weekend Burbot fishing we’ve mostly been unwinding from the Ceremony, unwrapping all our gifts, and finishing up the winter chicken coop.

I know many have been wondering the all important question, “DID SHE GET A KITCHENAID???” I did. Courtesy of my incredibly generous co-workers and it’s more beautiful than I thought possible.

1238152_807829806072_1190180531_nCheers and Love,

Maple and Me


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