Weekly Wednesday

Another blink of the eye and another week of summer is gone! Maple and myself are doggedly finishing up the Trapshed by Friday so that we can begin work on the Arctic Entryway this weekend. We keep getting lured away from construction by the abundance of raspberries that populate our neighborhood. Our own young raspberry patch is probably going to produce about 20 berries this year. We’re trying to just let the patch spread, spread, spread for now and will probably let all the berries fall to the ground to hopefully create new bushes in the next few years.In about five years I predict we will have a fine, robust raspberry patch in our own backyard which is incredibly exciting!

Also incredibly exciting is the amount of wild raspberries that grow around the Garagehome. Maple and myself have each been filling a yoghurt container a night which is very impressive for wild raspberries. The raspberries are currently being overrun by willow trees so Maple and myself are waiting for the bushes to go dormant in the fall so that we can go in and trim the willows way back.

Maple and myself show admirable restraint whilst picking – eating only a handful every day. We freeze the vast majority of the berries we harvest, thus enjoying smoothies all winter long!

Raspberries soaking.

Raspberries soaking.




My tomatoes have grown amazingly well – and I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to pick them in about a month. They’re all green right now, but who doesn’t love fried green tomatoes or green salsa? Working with these tomato plants has been such a joy – I love how tomato plants smell…

76309_801524057842_407189055_n969948_801524162632_1839162594_n164284_801524112732_1361639428_n1075283_801523997962_1665034335_nI’m also hopeful I’ll be able to get some seeds from these tomatoes – they were my Pingo seeds and have proved themselves already; living through two transplants and some pretty extreme temperature variations. I’m already looking forward to growing them next year, when the Greenhouse will be finished and I can (finally!) grow tomatoes and peppers in a Greenhouse.

The rest of the Garden is also doing really well. Maple and myself finished hilling up all the potatoes early this week. We used peat moss to hill thus serving the double purpose of improving the soil long term and helping us keep to the penny-pincher’s budget that we’re on to facilitate the Arctic Entryway.

Happy Hiller.

Happy Hiller.





Squash flowers peeking through...

Squash flowers peeking through…

Wee pepper flowers - just blooming now!

Wee pepper flowers – just blooming now!

Happy onions!

Happy onions!

Maple and myself splurged at the grocery store and bought a huge bag of cherries which I happily ate my way through for the next week. Who doesn’t love cherries in the middle of summer? I wish I could coax a few to grow up here…

971377_801524007942_1551758264_nCheers and Love,

Maple and Me


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