Fashion Friday

Last December I eloped with the Maple half of ‘Maple and Me’. While I’m pretty sure that I daydreamed about some sorta fancy something-or-other when I was younger (having lived to dress-up since I was about 3) in reality I realized that what I really wanted was just Maple and Me, the two legally required witnesses and my sweet Aunt June (who married us). The day was perfect, my dress was fabulous and all was well.

However, the urge to celebrate with friends and family from near and far lingered, and Maple and myself decided to have a big ol’ shindig in August to celebrate our nuptials.

Having an actual weddingish/celebratory shindig when I never thought to have one has proved to me one simple point: I am not very good at planning weddings. First of all, spending a bunch of money on one day when we’re pinching pennies to build on land that we’ll use for several decades to come brings out the Ms. Miser in me like nothing else. Secondly, I’m not very good at creating spaces and have heavily relied on my friends Jasmine, Jenny and Molly for years to help me create/design/decorate the few times that it’s fallen to me to do so. (Like the amazing friends they are guess who are all coming together to help me actually make a ceremony happen? Those girls. Like the Planeteers, with their powers combined, a classy, sassy celebration space shall be made.) Thirdly, as I get older I am more and more attracted to decorations like old bones, dried chicken feet and other items generally termed ‘creepy’ by everyone not Maple or myself and which are not really anyone’s first choice for a celebratory party favor, not even in a mason jar.

Lastly, I don’t want to wear a white dress. Personally the connotations of the white dress really bug me and vainly I look really bad in all white so I figured a nice demure grey would be perfect. Flower crown. Chunky brown boots. The look made perfect sense in my head. I figured other wannabe hipsters had to have gotten hitched a couple times before me and they would have paved the Pinterest street for me. It turned out I was incorrect in this notion. Apparently – if you’re a lady with no religious or cultural ties to different traditions/ceremonies that might utilize different colors – get ready to make your own dress because you will find nothing. Unlike Bridesmaid’s dresses (which are made in every color under the sun, but nine times out of ten in that weird, thick, pseudo-satiny fabric) wedding dresses come in white, white, off-white, ivory, and white.

Then Jasmine found me this dress:

f7c7590e2ee6d4aded538e844e1825b6I don’t have words for how perfect I found this dress. The bow, the pleats, it had pockets. And only $80.00?!? Even my Ms. Miser was happily pushing up her spectacles and pluckily marking down the purchase with her pen. Unfortunately, the dress was so perfect that it was sold out until August 15. Which would be 9 days before my Ceremony. So that dress was out. (In the interest of full disclosure the dress was only completely out after I sent the Etsy Seller a very long, kinda desperate diatribe about how this dress was perfect blah blah and if there was any way I could have it made custom and I didn’t know where I would find anything else so perfect blah blah and if they could just take pity on me blah blah. I received a form letter in response. My Bridezilla anguish could not melt their icy hearts.)

Other options have been discussed. Tulle skirts, plaid shirts and cowboy boots have been bandied about. My sister (gracious, loving soul that she is) has given me more beautiful dresses than I could ever hope to wear over the years, so it’s not like I don’t have 15-20 perfectly acceptable back-ups. While a part of me really liked the idea of buying a dress that could be handed down (or around) to others, I suppose that actually rarely happens.

However, if anyone is reading this post and thinking, “Man, Anna, stop whining and go to this website that sells grey dresses that everyone else under the sun knows about!” Please let me know!

I’ll leave you with a few photos that highlight ideas/themes I’m thinking of for a celebration…feedback/suggestions are always welcome!

Not a flower girl. My ideal celebratory outfit. For real.

Not a flower girl. My ideal celebratory outfit. For real.

Celebration Dreaddy Hair.

Celebration Dread Hair.

Ideal boots.

Ideal boots.


Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


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