Guest Fashionista – MS. KG!

I’ve got a friend named KG. She happens to be one of the most phenomenal people I know. Funny as all get out, always up for an adventure (but, like me she obsessively worries about getting caught so she’s down for my kind of adventure, i.e. going to a diner and eating a lot of food at 2 AM) and just generally a kind, open, honest person.

KG is also a fan of the ladies (a ladies’ lady as it were) and like many women who don’t enjoy wearing tight v-neck shirts, dresses and jersey skirts (people like, oh, me) she sometimes struggles with finding good clothes that fit well. Men’s clothing are often too baggy and boxy, but ladies’ shirts don’t always accommodate those who don’t want to dress in a ‘girly’ way.

A few years ago I begged/bludgeoned KG into cutting her hair from chin length to short. I believe that this slammin’ new haircut was partially responsible for KG being noticed by Mugs, her GF of several years. Mugs (quite the Fashionista herself) has had quite the impact on KG’s fashion. So much so that when KG showed up at my work (whilst running errands, we both work for the University) I immediately asked her if Mugs had anything to do with her outfit and then I made her stop and pose for the camera.

999267_796780204562_1139394728_nKG isn’t the most natural poser so what ensued in front of the building was something out of what I would assume the show “Toddlers and Tiaras” would consist of. Me shrieking at KG, “HANDS OUT OF YOUR POCKETS!! HANDS BACK IN YOUR POCKETS!! DON’T CROSS YOUR ARMS LIKE THAT!!” and KG blushing and becoming increasingly uncomfortable. But it turned out all right. That’s what friends are for.


1014283_796780284402_204777926_n1010287_796780364242_93822159_n1004738_796780269432_186732927_nKG has a great smile, but we were trying for Bruce Willis Variety Photos (KG’s original role model) so I only got one smile, at the end.

1000058_796780324322_933665997_n1010176_796780339292_796481349_n1014304_796780379212_1203456904_nMen’s Polka Dot Shirt – American Eagle // Women’s Pants – Old Navy // Shoes – Chucks // Sunglasses – Freebie from UAF Spirit Day

For more awesome fashion from ladies’ who love the ladies (or tha laaadddiiieesss) as I say sometimes say check out this amazing blog or stop and shop at this great website.

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


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