Mental Health Day – No Judgement

Hello Everyone!

Well. I took a week off blogging, didja miss me?

I was starting to feel seriously overwhelmed by the amount of work at home, burned out by the work at work and feeling way to tired to even start the theatre work that was slowly piling up in my mind.

So I took a mental health day and it was wonderful. My one rule of the day was ‘No judgement.’ Whatever rhythm my day was taking, I took. If I didn’t make it to yoga there would be no guilt. If I went shopping at multiple places then I went shopping. If I slept til noon there would be no frustration at ‘sleeping my day away.’

No judgement.

Spending an entire day maintaining this active mindset was an interesting exercise into how much I automatically unconsciously judge myself all the time. As much I have stopped saying “should” in my everyday language and as much as I encourage others to let go of negative thoughts towards themselves, I still seem to hold onto some strong internal habits.

Spending a day where I actively countered many thoughts of, “I’m being lazy, I need to be more productive on my day off.” and, “I need to at least go to yoga, what else have I done today?” was a reminder to continue to work on acceptance and non-judgement with everyone. And that everyone includes myself.

So go easy on yourselves, eh? I’m going easier on mine.

Spring Cleaning applies to our minds/bodies as well...

Spring Cleaning applies to our minds as well…

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


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