why are you doing this again?

This post was a wonderful read for giving perspective. Maple and myself spent all three of our weekend days doing 13+ hours of hauling/building/scrapping together a chicken coop…and I am happy to say that I am exactly where I want to be.

radical farmwives

we work hard around here. we wake everyday with a list of things we must do and always too few hours to do it. now i am not delving too deeply into those individual tasks of caring for land, livestock ,family and community,  i am thinking more about the perception others have of our reality.  i realize there is a pastoral image out there painting a rosy picture of farm life. while i do not want to dispel this image, i want to ponder it.


if it weren’t for our apprenticeship program, i don’t think i would spend much time defining and redefining our life’s choices. this frequent contemplation emerges partially from our choice to invite a handful of optimistic folks to come and live and learn with us each year. we have a long interview process but year after year i realize that nothing prepares you for the transition from that life to this life. words do not describe, tours can not show you the life…

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