Grubby and Grungy – Fashion at it’s Finest.

Over the course of the long weekend Maple and myself hauled a chicken coop, scrapped a bunch of wire and netting, fortified the coop, and built a beautiful fence around our little peepers. It was three back to back 13 hour plus days of working and we were exhausted and absolutely filthy by the time all was said and done.

Our little peepers are and safe, sound and out of the house so we’re considering it an all-round success.

The weather was absolutely gorgeous; sunny with temperatures in the mid-80’s. Due to the fact that we were dealing with chicken wire (which necessitates covering your feet and hands with hot, non-breathing/wicking gloves/boots) we both ended up in the exact same outfit: Xtra-tuffs, black short-shorts and light tops. Maple refused to let me take his photo but I was more than happy to pose.

971883_794019536962_1987027494_nThere will be a very long post on Thursday featuring all the thrills, chills, highs and lows of the weekend project (and about roughly 70 photos) but for this Fashion Tuesday I thought I’d give a glimpse into what I look like about 2/3 of the time I’m not at work.

This is not how I actually hammer. These photos are a joke.

This is not how I actually hammer. These photos are a joke.

Looking at these photos now I regret that I did not get a photo of the back of this amazing shirt which features a truly humbling Whooly Rhino graphic on the back.

For years and years a pair of shorts was the one item of clothing I didn’t own. At all. My shyness about my white, hairy legs coupled with my inability to find shorts that fit my butt and my waist and were not spandex prevented me from the glory that are cut-offs. Since I’ve gotten a little older I’ve countered that first part by caring less and the second part by accruing shorts that have a little spandex in the denim (or however that magic works). I still have yet to buy a pair of shorts (mine come from the TS and clothing swaps) but I’m sure someday I’ll break.


968866_794019601832_566956856_nBoots – XtraTuff (bought new) // Holiday Socks – Gift from Ms. Chrissy // Cut-Offs – Found at Free Swap // Top – TS // Headband – Gift from Sister (from South Africa!) // Soot, Sweat and Saucy Attitude – All Author’s Own

And how cute are the peepers?

960120_794019497042_665672967_nThat cute.

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


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