Fashion Friday – Guest Fashionista ‘Meggie’

Hello Faithful Readers!

Today, I have a surprise for you – my lovely, beautiful, gorgeous, strong, powerful, kind and wise sister, ‘Meggie’ is my Guest Fashionista – with an amazing outfit that I just ADORE. (And she’s got great legs!)

942139_10101925125200469_415991797_nNow, those of you who know my sister know that her name is not ‘Meggie’. However my sister, by necessity, is very guarded of her on-line presence. My sister works as an editor for a publishing company and, 10 years ago, discovered a book series that blew up into a cultural phenomenon that became one of the best selling book series in the history of publishing. This has left her kinda famous (and yet incredibly humble with an awesome sense of style) but unfortunately also accessible to all the wrong people. My sister recently sent me an email where she had been forwarded a request from an author who, further down in the email thread, encouraged his co-authors to ‘stalk’ my sister on LinkedIn.

So she’s wary. But she has FABULOUS STYLE, so I spend a semi-significant amount of time scheming to feature her and/or co-author blogs with her. One of my favorite blogs is A Beautiful Mess, or what I like to nickname, “What My Blog With My Sister Would Be If She Hadn’t Discovered ‘Really Famous Series'”.

However, my sister has generously agreed to be my Fashionista this week, under the pseudonym ‘Meggie’. We get this from the Thorn Birds, i.e. the best television mini-series of all time and ‘What kind of man is this Frank that he would leave Meggie all alone far away from family?’ ‘The ambitious kind.’ is the ultimate zinger EVER and lots and lots of SHEEP, SHEEP, beware of the wild boars!! If you haven’t seen ‘The Thorn Birds yet, stop what you’re doing and go watch it. Then, 10 hours later, come back and finish reading this post.

941269_10151679728575775_1846029225_nMy sister and I joke sometimes that we won the sister lottery. Though it’s said a little tongue-in-cheek I do feel like I could not have gotten a better big sister. Growing up, ‘Meggie’ was a huge source of advice, love and humor (and we even shared a room until she was a senior in high school) and I continue to learn from her, seek advice from her and laugh until I’m crying when I’m around her. ‘Meggie’ is and always will be a huge inspiration and role model to me – seriously, folks, she’s bad-ass.


We look a lot alike she and I.

We look a lot alike she and I.

I have spent my week harvesting birch sap, cleaning up after 45 little birds and salvaging a chicken coop. I have been dirty, smelly, bug-bitten and not fashionably inclined at all this week (I’ve been wearing Maple’s jeans and elastic waist pants. No one needs photos of that.) ‘Meggie’ showed me these photos of her walking/hiking around the forest/beach in Southeast Alaska and I instantly knew she was my Fashion Friday gal!

The bright side to having two members of a family who are similarly obsessed with fashion, thrifting and dressing up? Lots of trades, borrows and steals. ‘Meggie’ and I have gotten into the habit of sending each other boxes full of goodies and we are both similarly smitten with each other’s gift of giving. In this Fashion Friday outfit I gave my sister the dress, jacket and boots. In about 80% of the outfits I wear ‘Meggie’ gave me at least one item.

942567_10151679732570775_1027373630_n‘Meggie’ is wearing: Jason Boots – From TS // Socks – We Love Colors // Dress – American Eagle (Gift) // Hoodie – J.Crew Cashmere (Thrifted) // Scarf – Italian Wool (Gift) // Necklace – Antique Heirloom (Gift) // Halibut Jacket (Thrifted)

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me (and ‘Meggie’!!)

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