CUTENESS OVERLOAD I ended with the acquisition of 40 adorable peepers.

Whilst at the Chick Barn Maple fell in love with some ducklings. Due to the 40 peepers we had just bought I was not down with the ducklings. Maple persisted in his pleading, key points being that 1. Baby ducklings are adorable and 2. Adult ducks are delicious.

I resisted. I pointed out that our Kitchen already looked like this:

971035_792691248862_1712640450_nMaple persisted. And I, dear readers, I was weak. We went back to the Chick Barn and bought three Swedish Blue Ducks. And they are absolutely adorable.


Me cuddling a wee duckling.

Me cuddling a wee duckling.

Overwintering ducks is an operation that requires keeping fresh un-frozen water (that is replaced daily) in the duck pen and is not truly feasible without running water/well systems already in play. So these ducks are for eating. But we will love, feed and nuture them for their short, well-lived life.

I’ve named all the meat birds ‘Dumplings’, the ducks are called ‘Thanksgiving’ and the layers are going to be named in a few weeks (once we’re reasonably sure that they’re going to make it) after Norse gods. It’s a grand old time.

The ducklings and chicks can’t be placed together (we tried briefly, the Cornish Cross’s just traumatized the ducklings) so we created a separate little pen for the ducklings. There isn’t physical space for both pens on the table, so we put the ducks on the floor. Maple used our old plastic tub (that we used for our awesome cold running water system) and tightly secured wire over the top to prevent ducks getting out or ducks getting in. The ducks are pretty skittish and are probably made more skittish by the fact that Sabine just lays there and watches them. Sabine has pretty much found her TV and she’s just waiting for one wrong or lazy move…

385281_792982340512_1096525834_n943284_792982295602_270814859_n969659_792982255682_1722664389_nGunnar and Snorri are, for the most part, largely unaffected by all the animals.

After posting semi-obnoxiously on ol’ Facebook about our chicks and ducks, we were contacted by our friend Kristen, who had kept many, many chickens years ago and still had all the waterers, feeders, heat lamps, wire etc. (Faithful readers will remember Kristen from the blog post Happy Anniversary; she’s an amazing artist, check her out!) On Sunday Kristen and her partner Dan invited us out to their place to see if we wanted anything. Kristen oh so very generously flat out gave us a TON of chicken gear as well as an electric fence (to keep out foxes), an outdoor coop and netting to hang over the top of the coop (to keep out hawks).

About half the stuff that we were given. Incredibly. Generous.

About half the stuff that we were given. Incredibly. Generous.

Maple and I were incredibly, incredibly grateful to Kristen and her partner Dan for their willingness to give. The generosity of the people I am lucky to be surrounded by constantly humbles me.

My brother Alex came over all day Saturday and hung out with Maple and myself, the peepers and the ducklings. We made cookies, cooked a yummy dinner, went for a long walk, watched some Netflix, all in all a lovely and relaxing day.

Alex Meets a Duckling Pt. 1

Alex Meets a Duckling Pt. 1

Alex Meets a Duckling Pt. 2

Alex Meets a Duckling Pt. 2

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me

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