Savor What You Have – Like a Stew

Whoo. Well, Spring has SPRUNG. The Interior doesn’t usually do anything in half-steps and even though it was snowing just a couple weeks ago, the temperature is now up in the 60’s regularly and our land has turned into a slushy, muddy, creeky, soggy free-for-all.

With the amount of projects needing to be started rightnow at an all time high Maple and I sat down to discuss exactly what this summer was going to be. Several factors had changed since our beyond optimistic plan to solve every problem in the world (and finish our driveway) during the three short months of summer. Most recently we’d bought a new truck – the final missing piece in both of us feeling like we had a safe, sustainable base to start planning for a family.

Maple and myself build out of pocket and, when it came down to it, the money just wasn’t there for everything without us going into some serious credit card debt to pay for it all. I don’t mean to be tacky with talking about money but there’s a reality to it. Maple and myself, like most people, are not independently wealthy. We live paycheck to paycheck and, while we save an amount of money from those paychecks that I’m very proud of, it takes us months to save up thousands of dollars; which is the kind of money that one is talking about with the reality of dirt work, driveway tailings and concrete (never mind actually building the house.)

But the more Maple and I talked, the more our conversation settled around the same idea: savor what you have. Recently Maple and myself have spent a good portion of what we had saved for Homebuild for improvements on the Garagehome (a toyo stove, a good HRV) and we have been constantly remarking since how much our quality of life in the Garagehome has improved once we invested in making it a more pleasant (warmer, drier) place to live. Maple and myself are going to be in the Garagehome at best for 3 more years (the slightly less appealing version of this plan has us at 5 years before we’re in the Homehome) and we would both rather make this sweet home of a Garagehome an actual pleasant home to reside in for those years (rather than saving every penny and living a miserly, gritty, existence with everything rusting and molding.)

We’d rather live for right now, right here and make here, right now better than live (and save) only for the future. (Just a quick note to all the maternal and paternal figures: we are still saving for the future, we’re just being reasonable about it.) I’d rather put siding on the Garagehome I live in, right now, right here, than savesavesave for next summer and spend another winter wishing that my house had siding.

I’ve always loved the word savor (or savory) because it sounds so luscious and sweet. Maple and myself are in a Garagehome, with three lovely dogs and hopefully a couple little ones in the next few years. And while we’re here, I will savor these moments, this space and these walls.

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me

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