Fashion Friday

This Fashion Friday is awesome (I love this outfit!) but not local…the local ‘Salmon Sisters’ ensemble is waiting for its’ debut on an afternoon at home. When photos will be taken. And a blog post written. But I’m going to stop promising this outfit because I’m getting all weird and guilty about something that is really fun and low-key.


482403_791482720762_499674086_nI chose to pose in our super glamorous driveway (the much vented about, hard pack removal remarked upon, driveway.) I chose to stand in a place that would highlight the culvert we’ve hacked/stomped/cut into the snow to encourage greater drainage. People. We are seriously close to being able to drive the driveway. After three weeks of lugging groceries, water jugs and shopping bags up and down that steep precipice of dirt driving it sounds near dreamy.

Maple hates this jumper. Found at the TS, this lovely piece is comprised of organic hemp corduroy. There are roughly six seams in the entire garment and while shapeless, I adore it. Kinda like my version of ‘Tip Up Town.’



These boots were a good find at the TS, but I let go of them after this photo shoot, they’re just a little too clunky for me turns out.

945897_791482825552_1731908415_n946210_791482780642_1366731500_nLovely earrings from Value Village. Gotta love painted heavy plastic. These earring have a maximum wear time of approximately 8 hours before my ear lobes start aching.


The sun is shining!! I am so happy!

The sun is shining!! I am so happy!

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


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