The Sun Will Come Out Tomorro-TODAY!

The sun is out! The sun is out! Currently it is 40 degrees outside and everything is MELTING!

Remember my positive post on planting starts? Well, almost everything died (DAMN YOU CLEARANCE SOIL AND YOUR SEDUCTIVE PRICING ON ORGANIC SOIL WITH WORM CASINGS!!) and we deduced that it was due to the salad. Almost the only thing that made it through were our Pingo Farm tomatoes which we strong-armed by sheer will into living until we could get them transplanted.

April was the month that I kept learning the lesson that through some struggles the best gifts are given. With all the ground at our house still frozen and covered in snow all our starts would have overgrown and died anyway. A double-booking of space that my theatre company ran into forced Revive the Red Tent into a new collaboration with a local elementary that culminated in two back-to-back successful school shows and our most successful (and profitable!) evening show yet. It’s a good lesson to relearn.

Our chickens arrive next Friday! We are building a shack this weekend (along with wiring the trap shed.) We’re definitely behind on outdoor projects, but the weather is finally cooperating (and we’re both a little stir-crazy) so I’m pretty sure we’ll get caught up in no time.

So remember how I said Local Fashion Shoot Tuesday – try Epic Fashion Friday. I know EXACTLY what I want to do with my lucky voluntold photographer Maple, but I want to make sure I have the right light.

But, for you Fashion Shoot Starved Faithful Readers (both of you!), here’s a couple photos, taken by my brother.

601893_791248310522_1377168200_n947269_791248315512_1947377131_nCardigan – No Brand (TS) // Top – Deletta (Anthro – gift from Ms. Chrissy) // Denim Skirt – TS // Leggings – H&M // Socks – Smartwool // Gorgeous Jellyfish Silver Earrings – Etsy (Birthday Gift from Maple)

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


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