Fashion Friday

Fashionistas, one and all, I have GOT to share this AMAZING blog with you. I would actually be surprised if this lady was not already famous (in that interweb way), but I had never heard of this blog until Maple, so the chance remains that others do not know its’ awesomeness yet.

The blog is called New Dress a Day and it can be found here.

The basic premise is that this lady takes a 99 cent dress that has seen better days and completely restyles them.

I haven’t been this inspired by a blog since I first found ‘Arrogantly Shabby.’

It’s good stuff y’all.

Similarly, next Tuesday is a Fashion Shoot to remember! I have found my new favorite Alaskan store, “Salmon Sisters” out of False Pass, Alaska (seriously, the amount of shtuff I’ve bought from that store recently is a little embarrassing…) Their awesome store (found here) has inspired me to do a couple photo shoots of clothes, hats, and accessories made out of Alaska. Just wait. I’ve been a little uninspired in regards to photo shoots lately, but that’s all going to change on Tuesday. Prepare for some epic-ness. And I’ll be 28 after Sunday so it’s going to be a photo shoot with an older and (ideally just a little) wiser me.

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me

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