A Case of the Toosdays…

Whoo. I feel like it’s becoming super repetitive to say, “Well, work is crazy so that’s why this post went up at 10 PM, and I only took one picture of my outfit in the mirror and it’s super blurry so I’m just not even going to put it up but instead of my outfit — ANTHRO CLOTHING LOOK AT ALL THE MODCLOTH SOMEONE BUY ME THE DEER LEGGINGS!!”

But work is very, very busy and sneaking away for a few minutes to take outfit photos is not really the best use of my, or my awesome co-worker Meghan’s, lunch break. Adding to this apathy is the fact that I am sauntering into May of the ol’ NEVER ENDING (seriously, it’s snowing outside as I write this) Winter of 2013 about 15 pounds heavier than I was in the YET STILL HOPEFUL Fall of 2012. The weight isn’t so much the issue (I feel that one of the huge ways that American culture controls women is by shaming them about their bodies), what’s getting me is how sluggish I feel, how zoned out I feel typing in front of a computer all day and not getting up to walk/move-around because I feel like I don’t have time to do so.

Therefore Maple and I have made a pact. We eat super healthy. We walk the dogs every day. And I’m adding to this by making an effort to walk 30 minutes during my quick lunch break 3-4 times a week. I do a quick loop around all the Family Housing Units I manage. It’s nice – I fell like I’m checking in.

This has definitely led to me feeling more energized which has been super nice.

And because it is Tuesday, here’s photos of what I wore on the April 20th (ssshhh…it’s was a while ago….) when my theatre company Revive the Red Tent teamed up the two other groups, Seward’s Follies and Naked Stage Productions, to create 24 Hour Theatre. When a gal’s on stage with a whole bunch of awesome ladies and gents, you gotta dress up a bit.



Dress – American Apparel (Value Village) // Miniskirt – H&M // Tights – Fred Meyer’s (Clearance) // Socks – Fred Meyer’s (Clearance) // Boots – Modcloth (PFD Splurge) // Wishbone Necklace – B-Day Gift from Father (From South Africa!)

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


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