I am very, very lucky to know so many artistic friends. One of my dearest dears (who I’ve known for almost 10 years now!) is a young Alaskan Native artist named Ricky who weaves and paints beautiful Tlingit art. A couple years ago he started collaborating with one of my other dearest dears, a lady named Bridget, in creating gorgeous leather bags with painted Tlingit designs. I saw an Octopus one, fell in love, and requested a commissioned Loon bag.

I got this bag about a couple weeks ago (but things have been busy, hence the only posting now) but MY GOODNESS I AM IN LOVE. The bag is beautiful. The leather is buttery soft, the bag large enough for all my worldly goods and the Loon, well, photos can’t quite do her justice.

528397_789692767842_1560264878_n44803_789692688002_643606004_n603597_789692747882_411258853_nDo you love this bag? Want to give two incredibly hardworking artists some business? Bridget’s website is here and Ricky can be found on Facebook here.

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me

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