Tuesday Splash of Fash-ion.

This post is brought to you by my most wonderful sister. Remember in a previous Fashion Friday were I posted a glowing love letter to this dress?

Well. My incredibly generously awesome sister bought me the dress! It took me awhile to stop stroking the unbelievably soft jersey and actually wear the dress but I love it. I absolutely love it.


Recognize those Fryes? They’re still kicking around (though currently they are limited to solely indoor wear.)

5257_788528940162_1701455427_n644290_788528995052_2092874771_n155743_788528990062_1781557768_n66772_788528825392_841907200_nThose gorgeous earrings? Also a gift from my sister when she was living in South Africa. What can I say, girl is generous.

555949_788528815412_1201809783_n537079_788529015012_278018554_nBoots – Frye (Ebay) // Tights – Gift from Ms. Chrissy // Abby Jersey Dress – Anthro (Gift from Sister!) // Earrings – Gift from Sister

Thanks Gen! You’re the first Sponsor for ‘Maple and Me!’

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me

My album cover. From when I make it big.

My album cover. From when I make it big.

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