Fashion Friday

In protest of the continuing-to-fall-snow I chose to wear a sweater over a shirt over a dress. And I took photos inside again. So THERE winter!

533383_788316011872_482029106_n9982_788316006882_1678567760_nThis sweater was one of my better Value Village finds: Free People for $6.00.

555837_788316076742_821250363_n562361_788316066762_966394289_nThese Justin boots were from my friend Dasha (the amazing lady who also did my constellation tattoos) and I love them. Unfortunately, the boots lack any traction so they are strictly ‘inside boots’.

58062_788316026842_854534810_n483400_788316131632_377250600_nThis shirt, like so many of my wonderful threads is from my sister. The lovely lady who spontaneously gave me an anthro dress (which will be featured in an upcoming surprise fashion post next week). Seriously, she GAVE me an anthro dress! Just one of the many, many, many, many reasons I love my sister.

482685_788316086722_747149295_nJustin Boots – Gift from Dasha // Patterned Tights – Gift from Chrissy // Dress (worn as a skirt) – Forever 21 // Top – Goat Brand from SOUTH AFRICA (Gift from Sister) // Sweater – Free People (Value Village)

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me

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