Snow on a Tuesday – I Am Vaguely Displeased.

I awoke to snow on Sunday morning. While the many snowfalls throughout the months of October-March fill me with joy, this snowfall brought me great frustration. I WANT TO BUILD A CHICKEN SHACK!! However, Maple and myself stomped out where the Chicken Shack/Run are going to be located and also walked where we’re going to make the newer, easier, less death-defying driveway on our property; so we both felt fairly accomplished.


However, this outfit post marks the first indoors Fashion Shoot, not because I was dying to show off the lounge of a Residence Hall but simply because I was freezing all day long. Fairbanks is so dry that when the snow is even slightly wet the air becomes incredibly chilly and damp.

(Bonus Point Below: Find the Freshman who did not know he was part of a Fashion Shoot.)

544595_788138013582_23196628_nI am lucky enough to work in front of 8 ft. windows. While I love the natural light and the view I tend to bake in front of said windows on any remotely sunny day. Today, the one day that I actually didn’t wear a cardigan, was, of course, the one really chilly day that I ended up wearing my coat.523598_788138023562_286506880_n59778_788137978652_1174386134_nMy lovely, old XtraTufs. Still a Southeast Gal in my hearts of hearts…

64285_788138018572_302583263_nThis awesome wrap dress is from the TS (which has been DEAD and BARE these last two weeks.)

XtraTufs – Bought new years ago // Tights – TS // Wrap Dress – No Brand (TS)

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me

3 thoughts on “Snow on a Tuesday – I Am Vaguely Displeased.

  1. Ummm. That snazzy wrap dress is actually from your Breda’s closet purge… And while she would like to claim it as a TS find, memory reports that it was a 99 cent value village find.

    • I was tempted to not ‘Approve’ this comment lest I’m revealed to be a liar! 🙂
      Huh. I have NO IDEA why I would assume that everything we own is from the TS… 🙂


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