Fashion Friday

This week I wore a combination of a long grey shirt with jeans Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. On the bright side they were all different long grey shirts and different jeans, but still. That’s a rut.

I have hope though. The sun is coming back. The weather is warming (though the un-chipped part of our driveway is like an icy, booby-trapped luge for any shoes that aren’t mukluks or Xtratuffs.) My army of jersey mini skirts and fun colored tights and cute shoes are calling my name. “Just a little while longer” I whisper to my Fleuvog ankle boots and knit dresses, “Just wait a little while longer. Your light is too bright to be hidden for too much longer.”

I’ve been finding some cute looks on Pinterest and Fashion Blogs that I want to try. Work has been too crazy for photo shoots, but if I pull together a cute enough look I’ll make one of the walk-ins take my photo. “You’re interested in housing? I’m interested in the long-term vitality of my fashion blog. Looks like we’re in a position to help each other out Ms. Banks.”

Here’s what I’m thinking.

52f2c9baaf919f6994616739b4eb43e7I love everything about this outfit (which, by the by, I stole off Pinterest so if I’m stealing your photo just let me know and I’ll link back to you.) I love the ankle boots and the blue belted dress. I’m not crazy about the owl but I love the combo of cardigan, big necklace and scarf. I tend to be drawn to outfits (and colors and patterns) that would appeal to a pre-schooler. For example: This outfit. However, people don’t dress like that outside of Pinterest. The above outfit has everything that appeals to me about the clothes that are made for little kids: lots of bright colors, blousy, short dresses and ankle shoes. But this girl has done it up in a way that comes across as cute and professional (though I’d wear a slightly longer skirt.)

Aight folks. It’s been a week. I’m going to let you know right now too: there will be no Saturday Finds at the TS Post. There was nothing at the Transfer Site this week except a cold, wicked wind beating the rats and the trolls back into their warm vehicles. No one was at the reuse area, people simply yelled from their cars, “Does that work!??” Classy folks, we’re keeping it classy.

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me



6 thoughts on “Fashion Friday

  1. Loving this outfit! Oh how I love Alaska and that you live there! My friend/ fellow blogger is moving there and we’ve been looking for some alaska bloggers she can get in touch with. 🙂

      • Other media links? Mostly just email and Facebook for me…I’m quite the beginner blogger. 🙂 what other networking/media sites could help you find the blog easier? Thanks for reading and all the wonderful comments!! Where in Alaska is your friend moving too? Cheers!

      • Oh, I can’t see your fb link. I am sure it’s right under my nose! For other media links I suggest Bloglovin’. It’s great for any type of blog host and a great and easy way to follow your fav blogs! 😀

        She’s moving to Anchorage, that’s where I lived when I was there, too. I seriously miss it! You should check out her blog! I know you guys won’t really be close to each other, but maybe eventually you could do some kind of AK meetup! 😀

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