Fashion Friday!

Happy Frriiiiiddaaaayyyy!

I am so happy it’s Friday! This week has been incredibly busy and stressful at work and I am so ready to go back up into the burn and haul dead trees out and be outside for hours and hours and sleep in past 6 AM and not write emails explaining policy for AN ENTIRE 48 HOURS – I’m pumped.

Today’s fashion is brought to you by Mina, Steger’s and a sun that is (finally!) warm.

530240_787131979682_833327999_nMina gave me this super-cute skirt that kinda took me forever to figure out how to wear. That bow probably looks deceptively casual, when in fact it took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out how to tie it appropriately. (There’s a weird cut out where the sash comes through and either skin, or the shirt you’re wearing underneath the skirt, shows in this odd way next to the bow unless the bow is tied exactly correctly. I did not mean that it took me a long time to tie a bow. That, at least, I have mastered.)

164219_787132034572_1743517660_n299109_787131914812_2008899545_n63405_787131974692_726766774_nCan I get a ‘Yes Please!’ for Smartwool tights? They’re the Alaskan Fashionista’s life saver in the winter, spring and fall. I bought these five years ago at The Prospector (a local store) and they’re still going strong!

482700_787131984672_65205351_nThese earrings are also by Anna Waschke (find her here!) She’s one of my favorite Alaskan artists. I’ve worn her earrings in fashion posts before (I think at one point I had about 20 pairs of her earrings before I gave many of them away as gifts.)

Happy Weekend everyone. Go outside. Play in the sun. Breathe fresh air. Be thankful. Spring is so close to blooming…say a thank you to the Earth for supporting our feet and our bodies and nourishing us ever year.

543561_787131919802_746053729_nShoes – Steger Mukluks (bought new) // Tights – Smartwool (bought new) // Skirt – The Limited (gift from Ms. Mina) // Top – Old Navy (Value Village) // Earrings – Anna Waschke

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me

3 thoughts on “Fashion Friday!

  1. you know… you could tuck the bow INTO the cut-out and then instead of having a weird cut out you would have kind of a lumpy tumor bump on your hip. Brilliant idea? I think yes.

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