TS Highlights o’ the Week II

This blog entry marks my 100th post! It’s pretty exciting stuff for me. I think it’s pretty fitting to be blogging about the Transfer Site for my 100th post, since it was the blog Arrogantly Shabby that introduced me initially to both the Transfer Site and blogging. Thanks so much to everyone who has read, commented and referred people to ‘Maple and Me’ – I’m having such a blast!

I very much mean to post this entry yesterday (cause, you know, weekly…) but I was busy cutting trees out of a burn for fence poles (more on this exciting topic on Thursday!) and came home on Saturday and went to bed. Maple and myself are kicking ourselves into get-it-done mode so weekends are busy, busy, busy right now. This weekend we planted (more of) our starts, hosted our first Annual Seed Swap Brunch, purchased a new  Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV for short), saw a play, cut 21 25′-30′ trees out of a burn (and dragged ’em home on a snowmachine), took a bunch of stuff to the TS, tore up more of an old house, and filled a suet feeder with yarn (more on that on Wednesday!)

We still managed to visit the TS a whole bunch this week. However, the TS has a temperamental nature; giving just as often as taking away. This week the TS was BARE and there were a whole lot of scrappers picking over a whole lot of nothing. (You always know the scrappers in the Spring: driven inside by -40 for months on end the returning sun lures them back to their TS where, desperate after so many months spent NOT SCRAPPING, they fall upon paperback books and tiny bags of clothes like they are gold (GOLD!) and grab and take relentlessly, only pausing on return to their aged Subaru or Chevrolet truck to catch their breath and say, “Where am I? What just happened? WHY IS THIS ALL THAT’S HERE??”)

However, we did find a shirt. Yep, one shirt. I hate it. Maple loves it. (Our usual roles regarding atrocious clothing being, temporarily, reversed.) The shirt in question you ask?


Frankly, I don’t really care about Tip Up Town, as long as Maple stops wearing the damn shirt. On the fifth day straight of Tip Up Town I asked that Maple, in the future, limit himself to four wears per week. When that plea fell on deaf ears I resorted to hiding Tip Up Town, just for a bit, just for a break.

They can’t all be weeks of abundance, and the weeks of scarcity simply make me appreciate the fondue sets, vintage purses and cast iron pans more.

In lieu of different photos of different items, I simply give you a few more smoldering shots of Monsieur Maple…in a puffy 80’s sweater…


150420_786567246412_1598386260_nCheers and Love,

Maple and Me



7 thoughts on “TS Highlights o’ the Week II

  1. Hi Annalgh, just pulled your # for the spotted moth giveaway on my blog, congrats! If you could please email me asap at jkoboyle at gmail dot com, I’ll get all the info to you! Thanks!

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