Tuesday GUEST Fashionista – MS. KLOU

Many, many people in the ‘banks know the Fierce and Feisty Fashionista who is this Tuesday’s model – Ms. Klou!


In a previous post I talked about how Kendra and myself went down to Nenana most Mondays to teach Improv at the Learning Center. Mondays are always a treat; not only do I get to teach improv to a group of awesome kids but Kendra and I get to giggle and talk the whole hour long drive to Nenana and back.

Kendra is not only incredibly kind, modest and humble but she has killer fashion sense (hence her being highlighted in today’s fashion post.) Who picked me up for our first Nenana Date wearing amazing Frye boots that she pluckily slid across the ice on? Klou (and that’s when I knew it was friendship-love-at-first-sight.)


Can I get a hoot-hoot for Ms. Klou’s boots? I also love the striped tall socks paired with the pink flowery skirt. Also love how the lady styles a hood.

599172_786154194172_946713673_nThe best accessory to any outfit: A Noble Hound.

With enough coaxing every guest model will eventually produce that soulful look of hope.

Below Klou’s take on ‘soulful hope.’


Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


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