Fashion Friday

This post is brought to you by the TS and gifts of Ms. Chrissy…My closet needed a little anthro love and she generously provided! I walked into the midst of a huge closet purge and walked out a few minutes later with a lot of lovely new pieces!

556800_785547280432_225372224_nThis week has had the weirdest weather. It was real cold this morning (and during this photo shoot) but I persevered.

We’re heading out to the White Mountains this weekend for a two day adventure. I can not wait. I love the Whites; I feel most at home in them; a sense of relaxation and calm I don’t feel anywhere else.


These boots were a pretty good score from the TS. Brown leather Eddie Bauer shoes in exactly my size? Don’t mind if I do.

These lovely crane earrings were made by an amazing artist at a craft fair whose business card I lost in one of my approximately five million moves of the last few years. She was a super-sweet lady who made a ton of origami-inspired pieces out of metal.


They can’t all be winners I’m afraid. Meghan, despite a valiant effort, caught me blinking about three times in a row. But I really liked the trees in this photo (so artistic!) so on the blog it goes!531620_785547330332_21939521_n

Boots – Eddie Bauer (found at TS) Socks – Fred Meyer’s Clearance Leggings – H&M Miniskirt – H&M Top – Anthropologie Cardigan – No Brand (found at TS) Crane Earrings – Craft Fair

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


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