Weekly Wednesday

Listening to this beautiful little moment. I must have watched this three times yesterday.

Learning that home-cooked dishes are easier if you do your prep right. (In my efforts to lower my (and thus ‘our’ salt intake I’ve made a big push to move away from processed foods.) Who made a whole bunch of killer spaghetti sauce from scratch (and then froze about 6 helpings of it for future use?) This gal. (I used my Mama’s recipe and a crock pot to simmer it overnight.) Maple also made homemade egg drop soup and steamed veggies last night in about 20 minutes. Maple and I were getting pretty pumped thinking about making stock from our chickens that we’ll have this summer. Growing our own tomatoes (like the ones I used for spaghetti sauce) will have to wait til next year (when the Greenhouse is finished) but it’s all coming together. Slowly. And that’s perfect.


Loving this beautiful bag that Maple bought me!

DipticMaple spends more time on Etsy than I do (this is NOT a complaint. Not at all!) He found this Etsy Store and asked me if I liked any of the bags in particular. Who was happy when, upon getting home late from rehearsal, she found her favorite bag from the website hanging on a dresser hook? This gal.

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


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