Your regular Tuesday Fashion Post is interrupted by the news that Maple and I myself NOW HAVE OIL HEAT!!


The best monitor heaters are Toyotomi Heaters (or Toyos as almost all in the ‘banks call ’em.) Small, incredibly efficient and reasonably priced; it’s hard to beat a Toyo.

Maple and myself had been keeping an eye out for a well-priced Toyo on Craigslist for a few weeks now, but it was our friend Matt who spotted the ad for the above beauty. This particular Toyo retails for about $1250.00 but ours was a sweet deal of $900.00.

602040_784876819042_761780800_nOur Saturday night looked like the above. I had balked (politely put) at rearranging my dresser/jewelry space on the right side of the bed so the Toyo went on the left. Maple screwed the shelf to the wall and we moved the dresser and his shelves about six feet to the left. This little Toyo requires 1 foot to each side and 2 feet above per safety requirements. When this photo was taken the Toyo was not, obviously, plugged in.

Maple's new 'closet.'

Maple’s new ‘closet.’

Maple spent most of the day Sunday installing the heater whilst I loaded the wood bin, cleaned, did the dishes and loaded up the truck with a bunch of stuff for the ol’ TS (to receive from the TS one must give and give often…)

Maple woke me up with coffee around 9 AM and by 10 AM we were headed into town to the Hardware/Supply stores to buy all the necessary tools. The 200-gl fuel tank had already been purchased on Friday (along with it’s stand) so we were looking for copper piping, a flaring tool and a few other items.

My 11 AM Sunday.

My 11 AM Sunday.

I think one of the hardest things about installing new heat sources in your home is punching holes in the wall. Even though you know, rationally, that it’s a step forward, I always feel, emotionally, that we’re punching holes in all our hard work.

The hole to outside.

The hole to outside.


Tools, tools, tools.

Tools, tools, tools.

After about two hours we were ready to go. Maple turned on the stove and we waited for heat to come out. After the initial hiccup of a pocket of air in the line (wherein we sprayed fuel on the wall) heat started to come out. As much as we had just hooked up a heater it still felt a little like magic.578014_785287002032_561541399_n

Maple and myself got home last night and our home was 70 degrees even though the fire was completely out (there weren’t even any coals.) We basked in our new found bougie-ness and, through pure sloth, did not make a fire last night. When we woke up this morning it was still 70 degrees in our home. Even though we know how it works (literally, we installed it) our little Toyo still seems a little magical.

We are very lucky.

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me

3 thoughts on “Toyo-Toyo-Toyatomi!

  1. Brings back memories of frustration, trying to get the flare tool to do a smooth job that did not drip. Borrowed tools are sometimes trouble. 😦
    Yours looks lovely!

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