Faithful Reader, Are You Tired of Pockets Yet?

544255_784812932072_254701861_nBreak-Up is just around the corner here in Fairbanks. Break-Up usually occurs in late April/early May and refers to the time of year where everything that’s been frozen and iced over since October all melts away in about 2-3 weeks. Break-Up is an ugly time of year for Fairbanks: dogs are disgusting, everything you forgot about in your yard (or wanted to forget about) melts out of the snowbanks it’s spent the winter in. Driveways become undriveable for a few days (or over a week in the case of our super-steep, dirt driveway.)

480066_784813141652_1824004102_nBreak-Up is when the rivers that have been frozen all winter long break-up into massive sheets of ice. The other reason that everyone calls this time of year Break-Up was explained to me when I first moved to Fairbanks: It’s thought that, due to the extreme cold, anyone can put up with anyone for a few months but, come Summer, a lot of ‘break-ups’ occur as everyone gets a little frisky with warmer weather and lots of sun.

482261_784813046842_1191550123_nThis outfit was almost pocket-overload but sometimes a gal’s got to have a lot of pockets.


DipticThe super-sweet boots are Madden Boots from Fred Meyer’s which I scored on clearance. They’re super cute, but I kind of think of them as my consolation boots. I’m still saving for my Free People ASH DESTROYER YOU WILL BE MINE Boots and these boots reminded me of them (I love the red zipper!)

The earrings featured in this blog were a Solstice gift years ago from my sister (who, by the way, is currently the only Sponsor of Maple and Me.) When she lived in New York I got great kitschy jewelry and thrifted anthro finds all the time. When she lived in Africa I got great kitschy jewelry and hand-me-down thrifted anthro finds. Notice a pattern? She’s pretty swell my sister…


Boots – Madden Girl (Fred Meyer Clearance) Leggings – H&M (Bought new on va-cay last year) Skirt – Old Navy (Clothes Swap) Top – Old Navy (Value Village) Cardigan – No Brand (Gift from Ms. Chrissy) Earrings – Gifted (From my AMAZING sister)

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


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