Fashion Friday

This Fashion Friday post is the first post to feature a MALE MODEL. Maple was voluntold to appear in this risky, unique Fashion Post feature…”Racquetball Fashion.” Though Maple took some coaxing, eventually his inner smolder came to the forefront for these awesome fashion photos!

537562_784702872632_1535257485_n522721_784702842692_1132628729_nDynamic, thy name is Maple.

On Maple: White Socks/Black Shoes – Bought at Fred Meyer’s, the faux-pas is Maple’s alone. Elasticized Waist Track Shorts – Who Knows Where. Trapper’s Association Tee – Won at Trapper’s Meeting.

Intensity was the main vibe I was working on.

484348_784703027322_353129798_n33974_784702917542_1459431175_nDid I hear a request for a ‘Intense Action Shot?’ Don’t worry – we’re prepared!

486503_784702987402_1797331766_n487447_784702962452_1384492817_n(Not posed, honestly. I promise.)

On Anna: Cheap-O Shoes – Fred Meyer’s. Pants – Patagonia (gift from Chrissy.) Tee – Wet Seal (found at TS.)

This would probably be a good time to put it out there that Maple and myself would happily accept sponsorship from athletic companies. At the very least, I would love a new pair of shorts for Maple.

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


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