Weekly Wednesday

Listening to the song ‘Skinny Love’ by Bon Iver on repeat lately (listen to it here.) Something about his voice is just really resonating with me this week.

Learning to be patient…the chickens will come. They will come. I JUST WANT THEM NOW. However, the necessary step of building a coop (which will start in a few weeks here) is helping me be slightly more patient; there is literally nowhere safe to put 40 chicks in the Garagehome. I think the bigger issue is that I’m just impatient for Spring in general (you know, like everyone else in Fairbanks.) There’s about a month straight of prep-work (starting seeds, putting in a bunch of fences around the chicken coop and the garden beds to keep out dogs and moose, building the coop, buying a bunch of topsoil and figuring out how to get topsoil from a truck bed to a raised bed 20 feet downhill without building a chute) that needs to happen before chicks can arrive, or beds be planted with starts, or Homehome work can be started. I’m itching to get going!

However, Maple and I are going to plant all our starts as soon as we get our $98.00 worth of Zone 1 seeds in our hot little hands and that will definitely help me feel like things are starting to move forward.

Loving this photo of Maple as a baby.


LOOK AT HIM!! LOOK AT THOSE CHEEKS…and that enormous head!! Maple was born an 11-lb. baby and, in one of my favorite Maple baby stories, was promptly put on diet baby formula. This photo comes courtesy to me from Maple’s uncle Steve, who oh-so-thoughtfully posted a bunch of Young Maple photos (the majority of which I’d never seen) on FB.

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


4 thoughts on “Weekly Wednesday

  1. I remember those events and how much we all loved Justin. He was our only baby for a while and I was blessed that his parents allowed me to love him like he was mine, too. I still feel that way. He is my “Fox Fire” kid and has a very special spot in my heart.

  2. SO excited that you are getting chickens – we still have 2 left (we started em when I was in first grade, 13 years ago)! I especially loved the bantees – they’re the cutest and wee eggs are the best. Time to start saving egg cartons, eh?

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