The Sun is Shining, the Sun is Shining!

My goodness the weather here is beautiful! Spring is coming and Fairbanks couldn’t be happier!


The weather still has a bit of a bite to it, so even though the sun is shining there’s still a bunch of cozy-sweater-long-pants stylin’ going on over here.


My faithful photog is back (Glad you’re feeling better Meghan!) and we had fun tromping around in the snow for a few moments, taking photos.

This awesome new shirt is from my buddy Chrissy. Chrissy is doing a big ol’ closet purge and gave me first dibs on most of her super-awesome fashion, which I was only too happy to take her up on!

I love lace detail, even when it’s just a little bit poking through.

Diptic (2)684_784586391062_2136120581_n574954_784586465912_2101552678_n

Can I hear a ‘Ooooh!’ for these gorgeous earrings? I bought them in Juneau forever ago, and have now totally forgot the artist’s name. They’re made out of sea glass and are one of the more flexible jewelry pieces I own – they go with everything.


Lastly, the Geek Face, which I get really good at making when the sun is in my eyes. My face tends to naturally fall into this expression now: a side-effect of doing lots of Improv Comedy.


Lastly, this Postmodern Piece, “Anna Looks at Birdfeeder; Arches Back.”


Mukluks – Steger (bought new years ago.) Pants – H&M (Value Village.) Grey Tunic – Threads (Gift from Ms. Chrissy.) White Tank Top – Old Navy (Found at TS.) Gorgeous Earrings – Juneau years ago.

Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me


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