Yurt Dreaming…

I’ve wanted a theatre studio for years; a space to inhabit and breathe and create in. When I originally met Maple I jokingly asked him to build a theatre studio for our 10-year anniversary. Because Maple is a beautiful human (and incredibly handy) he said that I could probably get my theatre studio before 10 years was up.

This weekend Maple and I went on a daydreaming splurge and got to talking about Yurts. Now I’m obsessed with the idea of a Yurt Studio. Best part? Maple and I did the math and it’s looking like it’s on the 5 year horizon (Yurts costing roughly $13,000 plus the cost of building a deck.) We think it’ll go on the lower left area of the property (for those doing the math that’ll be Structure #8 currently planned for the compound.)

Currently the backdrop picture on my desktop at work is a black and white photo of a Yurt. This photo reminds me of goals and future planning and a future space of explosive creation or quiet contemplation. This photo reminds me of what I’m working for.

23d9cdc2ede784ab5f9acf1fe012c0a1966ee8dd7831796fd76663f24ae321ae685cbb104b8ed5a68a15822646ab63f3Cheers and Love,

Maple and Me



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